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Hangzhou Fivelake Electronics Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer of LED alphanumeric display and large LED signs in China East.

 Company name:  Hangzhou Fivelake Electronics Co.,Ltd
 Adress:  3rd floor, Bldg #4, 39 Xiangyuan Rd, Hangzhou 310011, China
  Postcode: 310011
  Contact person: Ms.Kat
  Tel:  0086-571-88803311 ext 8022
 Fax:  0086-571-88803355
 Skype: katzhaoxiaoou

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Company name:  Hangzhou Fivelake Electronics Co.,Ltd
                              Hangzhou Newlake Electronics Co.,Ltd

Tel:  0086-571-88803311 ext 8022
Fax:  0086-571-88803355
SKYPE:  katzhaoxiaoou

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Adress: 3rd floor, Bldg #4, Xiangyuan Rd, Hangzhou 310011, China 


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